I am a freelance IT consultant originally from Manchester, now mainly working in London. I have over ten years of commercial experience of providing IT to a mixture of corporate, SME and ISP clients.

I have been using Linux since kernel version 1.0.9, and most of my recent work has centred around Linux-based systems, using open source tools. I have been a Red Hat Certified Engineer since 2001.

My Skills
  • Custom kernel builds
  • iptables (firewalls)
  • Routing/Masquerading/NAT
  • IP tunnelling and VPNs (CIPE and PPTP)
Systems Administration
  • Apache
  • sendmail, Courier IMAP
  • MySQL
  • BIND
  • Samba - including implementing Windows domains using Samba-3
Software Development
  • Python - including object oriented design
  • PHP
  • shell scripting
  • MySQL - including database structure design
  • CVS
  • Security issues
  • System architecture design
  • Project management
  • Good report writing ability - proposals, technical documentation etc
  • Experience of dealing with Nominet, RIPE, etc
If you're interested in hiring me, a full CV is, of course, available on request. Please get in touch - email enquiries @ this website's domain